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Material theft continues to be a growing problem throughout the scrap metal industry.  American Allied Recycling inc. is fully committed to working with local authorities and affected parties to stop the acceptance of stolen material by all recyclers. Our policies are designed to comply with all current laws and regulations, and we continually train our employees so they can better recognize stolen or prohibited materials.

To recycle any non ferrous material other than cans in the state of Florida you will need to do the following:

  • Have a valid State or US I.D.
  • Arrive in a tagged motor vehicle
  • Give your current mailing address
  • Sign a document stating that you are the legal owner
  • Allow your photo and thumbprint to be taken
  • American Allied Recycling has the right to refuse any material!

A new law has been passed effective July 1st, 2012 where you must show "Proof of Ownership" for some restricted items. You can read about it by clicking HERE

If you have any questions you can read Florida Statute 538


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